Fitness Bands

So, I’m on my 3rd fitness band.  I first tried a JawBone UP. You had to plug it in each time to use (no bluetooth).  It tracked steps and sleep, which was cool.  The app on the phone was easy to use, but the band was a bit bulky.  My first one lasted about 2 months, before it would no longer sync.  Their customer service was fantastic, and they sent me out a new one right away.  It lasted about a month, before I just gave up on them.  Still under warranty, but if you can only use it half the time, what is the point?

Second one I used was called MisFit.  The size of about a quarter, there were multiple ways you could use it.  First, as a wrist band like most other bands.  It also had a clip to wear almost anywhere, and a necklace if you wanted.  Powered by a watch battery, you didn’t have to charge it, which was a plus.  It also sync’d via bluetooth, which was great.  It did work on android for management, but at the time, the function was limited compared to use with a iphone.

Currently, I have the Nike Fuel Band. My favorite so far, even if I don’t understand what a Fuel point is.  It will display the points, steps, time, hours won and calories burnt on the band.  It syncs via bluetooth and stays charged for over a week (then you charge via USB).  Until recently, the app only worked on iphone or ipad.  I just downloaded the app on my Samsung, so I’ll update my thoughts there later. My fuel band is also the waterfi one, so you can swim and shower with it.  I like that for sure being a swimmer, however, it doesn’t have an activity tracker for swimming, so I don’t think I get all my points.  None the less, it still pushes me.  I always ensure I hit my 2750 points each day.  If its bedtime and I’m under, time for a quick walk, some trips up the stairs, or rocking the baby to sleep while pacing the house.  The add does award badges or rewards for hitting certain things, like double points.  For me at least, it keeps me motivated to hit that next milestone, or ensure I hit my points every day.

The fuel band runs about $150, or add another $100 for a waterproof one.