This is where you can learn about the fitness program we have tried!

A large part of my success has come from P90X3. I absolutely love it and could not have hit my goals without it. I had previously tried some of the original P90X, but it was too intense for where I was at. Additionally, the workouts are long, so it was easy to make an excuse that I didn’t have the time to get it done.

With P90X3, every workout is 30 minutes. Everyone can find 30 minutes. They were still intense, but my goal was to push and complete as much as possible during each workout. This often meant about half of each rep, modified. However, each time  I got a bit stronger and could complete more and more of each workout.

12 months in, and I complete 90-100% of each workout. I’m working each time to increase the weight, the reps, or the length of time in a move. I recommend P90X3 to anyone who is ready to “Bring It”!

After having our second child, my wife wanted to join in the fun as well.  After reviewing the available programs, she decided on the 21 day fix.  It has an easy to follow meal plan, using colored food storage to help stay on track each day.  Also, the workouts are all 30 minutes each.  In each workout, there are several people doing each move, with different modifications.  So, its really easy to find the move that matches your current fitness level.

No matter what you choose, make sure its something you love. Don’t build your excuses from the get go by hating what you choose. Invest in the right program, and it will pay off!